Change Your Mindset, Change Your Body, &

Change Your Life!

What does the Book Contain

Fat Loss & Fitness

- Make long-lasting changes to your body

- Achieve your ideal body

- Get fitter and remain energized

- Learn diverse cardiovascular and strength training methods

- Keep your body healthy for the long haul

- Identify the foods that can help you thrive and those that are toxic you

- Get rid of most common symptoms

- Present a youthful appearance

Nutrition & Health

- Address self-sabotage and cognitive distortions that keep you stuck

- Learn various ways to deal with stress

- Have the winning mindset to help you achieve higher levels of success

- Feel more centered and fulfilled

Mindset & Fulfillment

What people are saying...

Very easy to read & understand!

This book will change your life. I found out how easy it can be to make changes that are so incredibly important.This book is written in an interesting way. Life change choices are put in prospective and made easy to consider because of the information given. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their body and mind.

                                       Moe Newman

I have followed her holistic diet program and read the book. it is designed to promote the well being of the whole body in a natural healthy way. It’s beneficial to your overall well being to remove toxins and cleanse the body naturally. She’s incredibly knowledgeable with simply guiding you to longevity.


How to live longer in a healthy way!

Must read!

Adriana is a true expert - not only on getting in shape physically, but mentally. Putting the two together to create long lasting results is her expertise and something we can all benefit from.

                                          Jay Schweid

I have been fortunate enough to work with Adriana and her methods work. With an equal mixture of kindness and healthy motivation, she makes the transformation manageable. You are going to want to read this book if you want something different that works.

                                 Joshua Krammes

Something that works!

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